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Getting Here

We Want to Make it Easy for You

First and foremost, if you have questions or want any help, do not hesitate to contact us. We love to help! Getting here can be a little confusing the first time but it's easy once you know how it works.

Summer Options

  • Drive through Canada to Young's Bay, then call us for a transfer, or use your own boat. Young's Bay is four miles from Flag Island.

  • Hire a float plane or Lake of the Woods Passenger Service ferry. No border crossing required.

  • Boat to Flag Island from the south shore. No border crossing required.

Winter Options

  • Drive through Canada to Young's Bay, then purchase an Ice Road Pass at Jerry's in the NW Angle.  Drive your vehicle on the plowed ice road four miles to Flag Island.

  • Hire a ski plane or Lake of the Woods Passenger Service tracked vehicle ferry. No border crossing required.

  • Drive your snowmobile from the south shore using the marked trails. Check out the NW Angle Edgeriders website for current trail info. No border crossing required.

Driving Here

Driving Through Canada

To reach us over land by vehicle, you'll need to pass through Canada before re-entering US territory in the Northwest Angle. Most of our guests cross into Canada at the Sprague or South Junction border stations, but you can use any station.

To enter Canada, you must have proper documentation and follow Canadian laws. More information is available on the Visit Canada website.

Getting Here is Part of the Fun

Crossing the Border
Directions Map.jpg

Driving From the Border

  1. Cross into Canada and proceed to Sprague, Manitoba.

  2. Turn north onto MB-308 at the Esso gas station (Sprague is just up the road) and continue for 27 miles. The road turns to gravel about 5 miles before your next turn.

  3. Turn right onto Provincial Road 525 and continue for 14 miles. You'll cross the border and continue to Jim's Corner.

  4. At Jim's Corner (little glass booth) turn right onto Dawson Road. Proceed 4 miles and park at Young's Bay. 

Helpful Reminders

  1. On your trip here, stop at Jim's Corner to report your US re-entry to US authorities. Or you can do this at our resort. There are instructions, phones, and iPads at both places.

  2. On your trip home, call Canadian authorities at (888) CAN-PASS from Jim's Corner before entering Canada; you'll be given a Customs Clearance Number which is your permission to enter (pass through) Canada.

  3. Bring your ID and travel documents.

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